Glenfield Neighbourhood Plan Survey

The survey is now closed (31st January 2021)

Thank you to all those who took part in the online survey. Details of the results will be published in due course.

The Process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Glenfield has been slow for obvious reasons but we should before long be able to show you our work so far for your comments. A small working group has helped move the Plan forward and has looked at some of the key issues that the Plan can cover, such as appropriate locations for new housing; which areas of open space to protect from inappropriate development; what design features should new dwellings have; how to safeguard retail provision in the parish; what employment needs there are and what transport issues are important locally.

Nothing has yet been decided; the Plan is still not even a DRAFT and you can still influence it. We have been taking soundings on areas of it and now seek your views on some key matters before progressing the draft plan further. Despite the continued impact of Covid-19 and restrictions we are working under we hope to conclude the exercise by next summer.

After we feel we have the broad views of the residents and do produce a formal draft, a prescribed period of consultation will commence for a minimum period of six weeks.

The draft Plan and all the supporting documentation will be available at that stage for you to read and comment on. Each comment that is received will be logged and formally responded to and, where appropriate, changes to the Draft Plan made before it is formally submitted to the District Council for them to carry out their own consultation.

Once that has taken place, the Plan will be subject to a formal examination to make sure that it is in line with local and national strategic planning policies. And assuming it passes, it will then be brought back before the community of Glenfield with a referendum open to everyone on the electoral roll in the parish. The Plan will pass or fail on the basis of a simple majority of those voting, and if successful, will then be 'Made' by Blaby District Council. It will thereafter be used by the District Council to determine planning applications in the Parish.

It is a long-winded process but the end result will give us a lot more say in what happens about development in Glenfield going forward.