Neighbourhood Plan

Glenfield Neighbourhood Plan

Shaping The Future Of Glenfield

The Parish Council is now well advanced with promoting a neighbourhood plan to protect the village from unwanted developments. Neighbourhood Plans give local communities powers to help shape the areas in which they live. They can identify land and establish policies for the development of land in a neighbourhood if the majority of voters in the neighbourhood area vote in favour of `making' the plan via a local referendum process. There is now Charnwood housing right up to our boundary on Gynsill Lane and the City are preparing a massive development on the old golf course and Glenfield is in danger of losing its identity.

If we wish to object to development we do not want, we need to have a plan in place saying what we do want and how we can satisfy housing need. We previously invited residents to answer a few basic questions to shape the debate and have taken soundings at a number of locations and still welcome suggestions.

Neighbourhood Plans, once `made', form part of the Statutory Development Plan for the area. They must, therefore, be in accordance with The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and are required to meet a number of basic conditions, including; they must be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the Blaby District Local Plan and have regard to national planning policy.

Blaby District Council, as the Local Planning Authority, has a duty to support the preparation of our neighbourhood plan. They will provide comments on our draft plans where requested to do so and where appropriate highlight potential issues around compliance with the Local Plan and national guidance.

A key element of neighbourhood planning is the importance of community consultation.

You will have many more opportunities to have an input and if keen to help we will co-opt some residents onto the working group.