Leicester Leicestershire Rutland Road Safety Partnership

Leicester Leicestershire Rutland Road Safety Partnership


The Force response to a speeding complaint will be dependent upon the resulting analysis following deployment of the speed data monitoring equipment. Only when injury collisions have occurred or a significant number of drivers are found to be travelling in excess of the National Police Chiefs' Councils speed threshold will police action be taken at a site.
Complainants will be advised of the outcome of the speed data analysis and whether the site will be subject to any enforcement activity. Visit www.speed@leicestershire.pnn.police.uk

Community Speed Watch (CSW) is an educational scheme to help residents reduce speeding traffic through their community. The scheme enables volunteers to work within
their community to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding and to help control the problem and reduce danger locally. CSW incorporates poster campaigns and a pledge system linked to direct action using speed detection equipment all under the supervision of the Leicestershire County Council. Speed detection will not lead to prosecution, drivers instead receive a letter of advice from the police which helps to underline the community's commitment to speed reduction. For information on how the scheme works and how to get involved visit: www.communityspeedwatch.org.uk

Local authorities have introduced 7.5 tonne environmental weight restrictions in many areas across the Force, in an effort to keep lorry traffic on the strategic network (motorways, 'A' and 'B' roads). The Force will not respond to individual complaints concerning a possible breach of the regulations. Ongoing complaints should be made through the appropriate parish council, who will duly notify the Force. The Traffic Management section will work proactively with the Hauliers
concerned to minimise non-compliance. Drivers are permitted to enter a restricted zone to collect or deliver goods. Planning authorities can impose conditions to hauliers when permission is being granted for new developments. For reporting call 101.

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