Glenfield had a massive development imposed on us recently and had we had a neighbourhood plan we would have had more chance resisting it. We now face the prospect of the old golf course being developed.

We are however now well advanced with promoting a plan to protect the village from such unwanted developments, having produced statistics, reports and photographs of the present situation and started to look at what we as villagers want to see in the future.

Planners and planning inspectors take a poor view of NIMBYs and BANANAs* so it is important that we are seen to have engaged with the issues constructively.

Neighbourhood Plans give communities powers to help shape the areas in which they live. They can identify land and establish policies for development of land in a neighbourhood if the majority of voters are in favour of 'making` the plan via a local referendum process.

We have now obtained a grant to fund consultants to help us through the formal stages and organise consultations and ultimately a referendum. You will have numerous opportunities to make your views known but if you want to be more involved and would like to join the group of residents working on this, please contact the Parish Office.

If we do not want intensive development in places we feel inappropriate we have to come up with more acceptable suggestions if our views are to carry any weight. We feel we have taken our share of housing need but if we end up having to take more we need something in place suggesting where and what type of properties.

To date the view is that the only area we are short of our needs is small properties where the younger members can get onto the ladder while staying in their own community and similarly where not so young residents can downsize.

There are many other areas than housing where the plan can influence things.

*note - NIMBY (not in my back yard) BANANA (build anything not anywhere near anybody)